Jedidiah Liu



Jedidiah Liu is the founder and Managing Member of Cacoeli. Ms. Liu supervises the company’s acquisitions and business development activities. Additionally, she co-directs the overall investment strategy, bringing over 15 years of experience in tax planning and business management to the company.

Jedidiah is committed to meticulously managing every aspect of the process, from property acquisitions and financing to managing investor expectations and executing profitable exits. She works closely with the dedicated team to ensure success.

Before joining Cacoeli, Jedidiah provided corporate tax consulting services while holding various managerial roles at Ernest & Young, Price Waterhouse, and Arthur Andersen (now merged with Deloitte).

In her leisure time, Jedidiah is passionate about exploring the history of various cultures through reading. When not immersed in books or research, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and experimenting with diverse ethnic cuisines.