Wealth = Time = Freedom


Smarter Investing

Our meticulously curated investments provide our investors with the income and underlying growth ideal for creating and building wealth that will allow them to buy back their time and experience the freedom to do the things that they want, when they want, and with the people they want. 


Our Core Values

Higher Risk Adjusted Returns

Our targeted asset segments have a proven track record of returns exceeding Bay Street returns. Non-correlation to Bay Street and management and operational efficiencies resulting from an experienced team generate high risk-adjusted returns ideal for achieving financial independence.

Reduced Volatility

Our nontraditional investments are uncorrelated to the broader markets and, as a result, do not fluctuate wildly in response to economic and geopolitical uncertainties. We source investments to provide cash flow & growth in any economic environment – providing security and peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

True Diversification

Alternative investments in the private markets offer qualified investors the opportunity to achieve true diversification through the disbursement of risk across assets, asset segments and geographic locations.

Capital Preservation

The tangibility of investing in assets with intrinsic value offers downside protection that traditional equities cannot.

Tax Benefits

The ability to keep more of what you earn through significant tax breaks and deductions from investments in tangible investment assets adds another dimension of wealth building that traditional assets cannot offer.


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