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Cacoeli is your trusted partner in the world of private company investments (i.e., private equity or private investments). We bring a relationship approach to alternative investments in tangible assets with an income component.

By teaming with us, we provide investors with direct access to quality cash-flowing assets backed by hard assets. Our team is experienced both on the investment side as well as the asset management side. Built upon the pillars of transparency, flexibility, ethics, and service, Cacoeli is committed to providing qualified institutional and individual investors access to assets providing above-market returns at reduced risk. Through passive income and long-term growth, Cacoeli is committed to helping our investors and co-partners build and maintain real and sustainable wealth.

― Ontario Focused

We believe that Toronto represents an enormous economic engine with many opportunities in the private market. We invest in Toronto due to its business culture and consistent growth while focusing on building trust and valued relationships.

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― Investors First

Sophisticated Investment Solutions

At Cacoeli, our investments are not simply transactions. Our Investor-first approach seeks to build alliances that are more than just an investment but enduring collaborations. We are relationship-based, results-focused, and experience-driven.

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We can identify and source assets that both cash flow and appreciate to build and compound wealth to buy back time and freedom – giving you access to a coveted asset class without the steep learning curve or high capital requirements of doing it alone.  

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