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Kasey Wong, Cacoeli’s COO, reveals the niche synthesis that has made Cacoeli resilient in a time of uncertainty in this Well-Off podcast episode hosted by Georges El Masri.

“Ontario is a landscape of vast opportunity.”

Kasey explains that with some digging, the company has managed to grow its assets despite the pandemic and rising land prices, through a combination of high-level involvement in the day-to-day operations, a thorough analysis of numbers, and a social purpose.

Listen here:

Tips from Cacoeli’s Operations Manager:

  1. Maintain healthy dialogue and communication with tenants
  2. Don’t over renovate
  3. Always maintain your boiler systems – do not overuse
  4. Get your fire alarms checked before & after winter
  5. Run a break-even analysis for geothermal heating projects
  6. Initiate proactivity in tenant issues
  7. Identify your turn-around rates, demographic and market changes

Kasey’s strategy to success:

  1. Think outside of Toronto
  2. Demographic research
  3. Short-term projects
  4. Full ownership
  5. Small, simple buildings
  6. Minimal, resilient renovations
  7. Inspect and document everything, often
  8. Visit and speak often

Do what we do – get involved, learn more on this episode of the Well-Off podcast.

Thanks Georges El Masri for having us!