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Really…why do we invest?

We don’t invest because we want lots of money. You may say “wait a sec, don’t we all invest because we want our assets to grow?”. Though I agree to a certain degree, if we actually think deeper, the overriding reasons for investing are fundamentally about security, freedom, things that truly matter to our personal beings and pursuits for a better life. Money is simply a vehicle to achieve all those things.

We all have passions for something, dreams to realize, things or people we cherish. But we also have “burdens” or better called “responsibilities” to fulfill. If we asked around, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover that the #1 responsibility most people have is related to finances. Wouldn’t it make sense to invest in something that will fulfill our day-to-day financial responsibilities while allowing for our personal dreams and passions to shine through in our lives?

Ask yourself…

What is YOUR reason for investing?

In other words, what gets you excited in life if money is not an issue?