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Introducing Cacoeli’s new, rare, value-add real estate investment project: Holborn-Chicopee!

Our new rental asset in the Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo region is another short-term real estate investment opportunity that is planned to generate a net IRR of 12-22% in 3 years. Nestled in the booming KWC-region of Ontario, this asset has a number of rare “pockets of value” which, when properly addressed, present material increases in the assets’ overall value. The “pockets of value” include: purchase price, price per unit, cap rate, and rental rates. By maximizing ancillary revenues and optimizing the assets’ use – Cacoeli is confident that they can enhance both operational and financial performance of the asset.

With nearly two decades of experience in repositioning multi-family rental operations, the Cacoeli team knows to how to maximize their projects best and highest use. Our creative and hands-on approach is our key to success in this increasingly competitive and highly desirable asset class, allowing us to own, operate and manage more than 1.2 million sq/ft of GTA real estate, including 250 multi-residential rental units in Ontario. Successful repositioning projects with higher-than-average returns for our investors make up the majority of our track record.

Accredited, Institutional & Family Office investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios – get involved in this new, rare, value-add investment opportunity!

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