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Current Opportunities

Institutional Investors

We’re for You If…

You’re an entity or organization that pools money together in order to purchase assets that will enhance your fund’s net asset value while safeguarding its capital. 

Jed outlining the structure of the Cacoeli real estate investing company

Your Investment Goals


As an institutional investor every year you’re faced with the challenge of sourcing investment vehicles that will allow you to continue to build your fund’s net asset value while not putting the existing capital at risk.

There’s a lot riding on the decisions you have to make.

We understand that.

That’s why our Opportunity Fund exists.

The Cacoeli Opportunity Fund is comprised of existing multi-family rental units and select development projects designed to be purpose-built residential rentals. As a result, it provides institutional investors with a risk-adjusted, stable real estate investment. designed to contribute positively to your fund’s net asset value year after year while safeguarding its capital.

Intial Value:

$ 0 M
in assets

Projected Value in 5 Years:
$800M to

$ 1 B
in assets

Expected Annual Return:

10 %
Over the next 5 years

Minimum Investment:

To be negotiated

Available To:

Any Investor with a cash or registered investment account.

Reach Out Today

Cacoeli provides real estate investment opportunities for investors who are seeking low-risk stable investments in real estate.

Contact us to invest in real estate investments that typically produce higher-than-average returns.