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CLOSED: Cacoeli Yonge-Steeles LP

We are pleased to announce the successful close of The Cacoeli Yonge-Steeles LP with annualized returns of 22% in 1.5 years – well ahead of the projected 3-year timeline.

We were able to close the LP in shorter-than-expected timeline with such high returns due to our team’s strategic efforts in land assembly and density increases, which allowed us to achieve our goals faster than originally planned.

Despite the challenges presented by the market, we were able to navigate through the turbulence and achieve a successful outcome for our investors. Our team’s expertise and strategic approach to investing allowed us to identify this opportunity and capitalize on it. As a result, our investors saw a strong return on their investment, which is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. We are proud to have provided a positive outcome in such a difficult time, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all of our future endeavors.

It was a challenging year for many, but we’re proud to have been able to deliver for our investors when it mattered most.

We would like to thank our investors for their continued support and trust in our team’s ability to deliver strong returns.

A big shout out to our development manager, Terra Bona Developments, for their hard work and dedication in closing the LP.

For those who are looking for a reliable and profitable investment, we invite you to join us on our next venture and see for yourself the results we can achieve together.

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