How Can You Make Money Investing In Real Estate?

Cacoeli CEO Jedidiah Liu and COO Kasey Wong share lessons learned starting from a single property and growing a portfolio of over 300+ multi-family units throughout Ontario.

‘The key to success is fluidity and flexibility, geographically and financially’ says Kasey Wong.

Watch the lively discussion on The Everyday Investor Show with Rav Toor speaking with Cacoeli’s Founders and Executives on their personal experience and providing you with strategies for success. Also learn how easy it is to get involved and both reap profits and be socially impactful.

Yes, you can invest in institutional grade real estate!

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New Affordable, Purpose-Built, Multi-Family Rental Housing Project

Cacoeli is thrilled to announce that this multi-family, affordable housing, purpose-built rental development project has been refinanced by Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) – a prominent financing partner in projects with social impact. This project will provide alternative housing options in the growing city of Vaughan. Through our value-aligned partnerships with Terra Bona Development, accredited non-profit organizations, and VCIB, we aim to develop inclusive, affordable, and accessible housing. 

This housing development project aims to provide additional affordable housing options. As a progressive investor and provider of residential rental housing, we have the responsibility to balance both business and social responsibilities to meet our investors’ objectives, while at the same time addressing the urgently needed demand for affordable housing. Cacoeli is proud to spearhead, together with our development partners and with the support of VCIB, this important project in the City of Vaughan. 

You can read more about VCIB’s loan, featuring Cacoeli here:

To learn more about VCIB and other community initiatives they are involved in, visit:

To learn about our development partner, Terra Bona Development, visit:

Take-Aways from CAASA’s “What’s Around the Four Corners?” Roundtable

Cacoeli’s CEO Jedidiah Liu joined other real estate experts at the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets’ (CAASA) Roundtable on Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Institutional real estate asset managers, student housing specialists, and private equity real estate professionals came together to discuss “What’s Around the Four Corners?” 
Mediated by Martha Tredgett and hosted by James Burron, Jedidiah along with Sanjil Shah of Alignvest Student Housing, Shael Soberano of Konfidis, and KC Dayan of Clifton Blake Asset Management explored the future of the real estate industry as the world returns to pre-pandemic conditions. 
If you were unable to listen in on the discussion, here’s a brief excerpt of the topics discussed and key take-aways. 

What is the new normal?

  • Multi-family assets being a safer and more secure investment vehicle, highly desirable asset class 
  • An increase in pricing of assets in primary markets, causing more individuals to look into secondary markets
  • Affordable housing and profitable returns don’t have to be mutually exclusive and there is more emphasis from the development and investing community on the coexistence of affordable housing, investing, and profits 
  • Younger populations, particularly students, are seeking quality as they are increasingly focused on health, hygiene and safety 
  • A return to downtown is taking place with an uptake in commercial leases
  • Residential leases are achieving higher rates than last year
What Can We Expect?
  • The significant increase in immigration has implications on the supply and demand fundamentals
  • Immigration as a federally regulated policy forces us to take a critical lens to who (provincial and local governments) regulates zoning and approval process and how these are to respond to uptakes in demand as a result of immigration
  • Key demographic changes impacting real estate include: an aging population, down-sizing, moving into urban centres with closer proximity to essential services and millennial cohorts with different lifestyle preferences, such as working from home 
What key challenges is your industry facing?
  • Striking a delicate balance between affordable housing allocation and profits within a given project to create the all important coexistence among these factors in real estate development and investing 
  • One of the biggest hurdles to development are the development charges 
In what ways is tech impacting the industry?
  • Technology plays an important role in accessing scale and efficiency in unlocking a certain asset class
  • Provides data that helps create a better understanding/estimate of market rental rates and informs important issues to developers and investors
  • Higher demand for increased/reliable internet bandwidth is causing developers to create a more technology inclusive tenant experience
  • New portals are coming into existence to engage partners, tenants, and other related actors virtually 
What is the role of ESG in this industry?
  • Asset managers are changing their approach in purchasing older building with deeper investigation into building selection and potential to be retrofit to incorporate new, improved, and higher quality green technologies into the building 
  • Overall, there is a heavy emphasis on the E (environmental) aspects, but the industry needs to put more effort into the S (social) and G (governance) aspects 
  • ESG and affordable housing are hot topics in the industry and are expected to become more popular in the future 
Interested in the above and would like to hear more? You can visit the webinar replay by clicking the link below: 
Real Estate: What’s around the Four Corners – (

29-Unit Townhome Complex in Kitchener Just Acquired!

Cacoeli is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of a 29-unit townhome complex located in Kitchener, Ontario!

At Cacoeli – our key values are growth and progress, and our acquisition of this asset brings us one step closer to achieving these. Cacoeli has been in the multifamily rentals for a number of years executing value enhancement strategy for assets under management, but what’s particularly exciting about this closing is that this is the first new acquisition made by Cacoeli’s newly launched private REIT. Nearly a few weeks after the introduction of the Fund, Cacoeli closed the property and immediately began the execution of the value-add plan.

This new acquisition also provides an opportunity for Cacoeli to demonstrate our commitment for fair Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) imperatives, which will enrich the potential of this property and the quality of life for its residents. This is something that Cacoeli is committed to executing in all of its future investment projects. We look forward to growth and progress in our Fund in the days and years to come.

CAASA Discussion – Real Estate: What’s Around the Four Corners | Tues, Oct 26 @ 10am EST

Cacoeli is thrilled to be part of CAASA’s discussion on the future of real estate alongside other real estate experts. This panel, part of the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets’s “Four Corners” series, will dive into a discussion on where real estate is headed over the next while as the world re-opens. CAASA wishes to investigate what our ‘new normal’ might look like, and whether or not temporary adjustments become more permanent and to what extent. Registration is required. Tune in on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 from 10:00-11:00am EST.

Registration Link: Real Estate: What’s around the Four Corners – (