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TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Sep 10, 2015) – Cacoeli Asset Management Inc. ( is helping would-be real estate investors become magnate wealth-builders with their exclusive done-for-you system. It’s designed to help investors achieve their financial goals using a proven and vetted real estate investment vehicle and exit strategy.

Cacoeli Asset Management offers a refreshing approach to owning multifamily properties without hassles or the undesirable landlord headache. They handle the heavy-lifting with this done-for-you system, so their investors can enjoy a healthy return on their capital.

While Cacoeli may seem new (it was incorporated in January, 2014), the company is actually an offshoot of an aged predecessor, J.C. Cross Properties, LP, which has been in operation since 2003.

Amongst the tenants abided by Cacoeli, they include growing with their investors. This means that they only turn a profit when their investors do. It also alludes to transparency at every step of the cycle, with the objective of investing in solid, veritable projects with feasible, realizable returns to investors. This underscores the primary mission of Cacoeli: bring back double-digit returns on low-risk investments.

“Cacoeli is a private real estate investment company that strives to take each investor one step forward to their dreams, passion and financial security through strategic acquisition of multi-family residential properties in growth markets, prudent property management and a profitable, tenured exit strategy,” explained CEO of Cacoeli Asset Management, Inc., Jedidiah Liu.

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About Cacoeli

Cacoeli is a private real estate investment company that creates value for its investors and for assets under its management. Cacoeli’s goal is to bring investors a step closer to financial security, so they can pursue their own passions and dreams. With that goal in mind, Cacoeli seeks real estate projects that can add a tremendous amount of value to maximize overall return-on-invested capital.