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Cacoeli Group

How the Cacoeli Group of Companies Benefits You as an Investor

Based in Toronto, the Cacoeli group is comprised of investment fundraising, real estate investment & asset management, and property management entities.

These companies work in concert with one another, strengthening and enhancing our organization’s ability to uncover cash-flowing properties and implement initiatives that will create additional value.

What does this mean for you? It means wealth creation and capital preservation.

250 units and counting​

Since its formal inception in 2014, Cacoeli has been steadily growing its assets under management. Currently, we manage over 250 existing apartment units and soon we’ll be adding 1,000 more residential units via our development projects.  

Our Companies

Cacoeli Capital Inc.

This company manages capital raising, initiating & maintaining investor relationships, and the marketing of the Cacoeli Real Estate Opportunity Limited Partnership (LP) projects.

Jed and Kasey standing with a developer at the location of one of the properties owned by Cacoeli real estate investment and asset management
Jed Kasey and construction worker smiling for camera

Key Milestones

First rental property purchased
With no real estate investing background, we educated ourselves on the types of investment opportunities, searched over 100 properties and began our real estate investing journey.
  • Transformed a single-family home in Toronto into a legal non-conforming triplex.
Purchased multiple rental properties
Made the strategic decision to focus on secondary markets as they held more promise for economic growth, rising rental demand and lower entry points for purchasing properties.
  • Organized first Joint Venture arrangements to fund the purchase of properties in Barrie, London, Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge and Hamilton.
  • Purchased first multi-family property (10-units).
Purchased 18-unit multi-family property in Waterloo
Invested in a property whose purchase price was over a million dollars.
  • Notable value-add improvements included redesigning the layout of a 2-bedroom unit into a 3-bedroom, and a bachelor unit into a 2-bedroom.
  • Increased overall NOI by 30% over a 5-year period.
Formally organized Cacoeli Asset Management Inc. and Cacoeli Living Inc.
Took our operation to the next level by structuring our company into two distinct divisions.
Organized Limited Partnership I
Increased the purchasing power of Cacoeli by introducing the concept of limited partnerships.
  • To fund the purchase of an 11-unit townhouse complex in Kitchener.
  • Investors averaged annual returns of 30% over a 5-year period.
Organized Limited Partnership II
Second limited partnership allowed us to fund the purchase of a 65-unit rental building in Cambridge.
  • Investors averaged annual returns of 24% over a 5-year period.
Organized and Limited Partnerships III
Helped fund the purchase of a 36-unit rental building in Kitchener and a 36-unit new construction, condo-style rental building in London.
  • Investors averaged annual returns of 13%-20%.
Organized Limited Partnerships IV, V, VI, VII
Cacoeli officially adds land development to its portfolio.
  • To fund the purchase of two land redevelopment projects (Whitby and Niagara Falls) and a 40-unit residential rental building in St. Catharines.
  • Whitby land redevelopment project is still underway, the Niagara Falls project generated an annual return of 20% and the residential rental building in St. Catharines has generated an annual return of 23% over a 2-year period.
Organized and Limited Partnerships VIII & IX and the creation of Cacoeli Capital Inc.
Cacoeli helps to make a difference with the creation of our first affordable housing project.
  • The Limited Partnerships funded a land development & purpose-built rental project in Vaughan and land development for a mixed-use multi-residential project in Toronto.
  • Cacoeli Capital Inc. was formed to manage all aspects related to capital raising and investor relations.
Organized Limited Partnership X and formed Cacoeli Real Estate Opportunity Fund Trust (Private REIT)
The 10th limited partnership represents another step towards increasing the size of our portfolio under management while the creation of our private REIT will make what we do available to a wider range of investors and make it possible for Cacoeli to participate in larger opportunities.
  • Limited Partnership funded a land development & purpose-built rental project in Markham

Company FAQs

We invest in multi-residential rental buildings. Particularly, we focus on residential rental assets that present opportunities for improvements. We also invest in development projects that offer strategic and competitive advantages to our portfolio.

We add value to our buildings and lease our quality rental suites at market rent. Then, at the appropriate time, we either sell or refinance the buildings in order to maximize the rate of return for investors. 

Fundamentally, we invest in growth areas that offer the best return on investment for our investors. In the past decade, we have focused our efforts in the Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo area in Ontario, Canada. Going forward, we are expanding into other high-growth areas across Canada.

We get paid based on the performance of the investment. In other words, if our investors don’t make money, we don’t make money.