Simplicity Not Complexity

Cacoeli makes real estate investing simple.

We believe that preserving capital and creating wealth are not privy to only the selected few. We also believe investing in real estate does not have to come with landlord headaches, if you so choose. Based on these two beliefs, Cacoeli was born.

Cacoeli provides investment opportunities for investors who are looking for lower-risk, stable investments in real estate. Each project we undertake go through a rigorous screening process to satisfy our investment criteria to ensure we deliver our promise: Capital Preservation and Wealth Creation without Hassles.


Combined 20+ Years of Experience


What We Offer

High quality Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Solid strength in Multifamily Asset Class

Double digit ROI in Cash Flow and Capital Appreciation

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Jedidiah Liu

Principal, CEO

Professionally trained as a CPA, CA in Canada, Jedidiah has been an experienced real estate investor in the residential rental market since 2003. She oversees the growth strategy of Cacoeli Asset Management Inc. and all the acquisition projects.

She handles all facets of real estate acquisitions, including but not limited to identifying desirable locations and properties to invest, determining the best exit strategy for properties, arranging favourable financing, establishing and managing crucial working relationships with various parties critical to the rental operations, establishing and managing investor relationships, handling accounting and tax reporting, and much more.

Her strong analytical and hunter sense for positive cash-flowing properties afford many real estate acquisition opportunities that prove to be winners in cash flow and capital appreciation.

Kasey Wong

Principal, Property Operations

Kasey is equipped with a plethora of property management skills and experience in rental properties and condominium buildings that typically range from 100-300 suites.

He handles all areas of property management and tenant management. Since his first real estate acquisition in 2003 together with Jedidiah until today, Kasey has managed over 3000 units ranging from high-end high-rise condominium buildings, townhomes to retail condominium plazas. His prior employers include Brookfield Residential Services, CAPREIT and some other boutique property management firms.

From owner-occupied high-end residential units to tenant-occupied mid-market apartment buildings, Kasey has accumulated a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in areas such as building structure, elevator modernization, energy retrofit, solar panels, etc.

“Cacoeli Asset Management Inc. featured in the Canadian Business Journal talking about their core business model”

Canadian Business Journal Feature


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