CLOSED: Cacoeli Yonge-Steeles LP

CLOSED: Cacoeli Yonge-Steeles LP

Our investors reaped a stellar return just in time for the end of 2022.

On November 25th, 2022, we successfully closed the Cacoeli Yonge-Steeles LP in a shorter-than-expected timeframe. With an original timeline of 3 years (36 months), we managed to deliver an average annualized return of 22% in just 1.5 years (18 months). The higher-than-expected outcome is due to additional opportunistic land assembly and density increases. 

In an uncertain financial environment, we successfully maximized the land, achieved a buy-out, and closed the project with a healthy return in a short timeframe. 

We thank Terra Bona Developments, our highly experienced development management partner, for their tireless effort and commitment to making this project a huge success. 

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