How Cacoeli Achieves Superior Returns

Our team uses rigorous internal strategies to successfully execute numerous real estate repositioning projects and maximizing the return on investment for our clients.

One of our vital factors when considering a given project is – location, location, location!


Secondary Markets Provide Great Upside

At Cacoeli, we focus on cities with populations of 100,000-200,000. Typically, these are located in secondary markets throughout Ontario, Canada. This population density is suitable for a dynamic rental market, while also capable of revealing important data that feed our economic projections & decisions.


It’s all in the Analysis 

But we don’t stop there. Cacoeli takes their analysis to the next level by running an internal demographic report.

Determining the average and and occupation of the population is critical to determining what real estate asset is suitable for a given location. Cacoeli approaches projects by asking key questions, such as:


Has the population increased over the past 5 years?

How old is the population?

What is the average number of individuals in a household?

What is their daily occupation?

What is the average household income?


Our job as asset managers is to rigorously assess and execute using the most important and up-to-date information on any given location of interest for our investors.


Through our internal assessment and reporting, Cacoeli is capable of researching and executing projects that directly meet the demand of a particular location. This tool has proven to be effective in achieving higher-than-average returns on our real estate projects for nearly two decades.


Watch our CEO, Jedidiah, dive into the important role of location in any of Cacoeli’s real estate investment projects: